09 Jul 2018

VCC Farewell & Thank You

The three-year term of the Victorian Coastal Council ended on 30 June 2018. Previously, a new Council would be appointed for another term. However, there are major and exciting changes happening to the way Victoria manages its marine and coastal environments.
The Marine and Coastal Bill was passed in the Victorian Parliament in late June 2018, and the Marine and Coastal Act is expected to come into effect on 1 August 2018. With this change, the Victorian Coastal Council will be replaced in early 2018-19 by a new Marine and Coastal Council. We wish the new Council every success in building Victoria’s ability to manage marine and coastal areas.
The first Victorian Coastal Council was established in 1995. After 23 years and at the end of a productive three years, the final Victorian Coastal Council wants to thank the many people and organisations that have supported and helped us and previous Councils to get our work done and improve the way we look after our coasts.
The Council especially thanks the many volunteers, community groups and individuals that are the “main stay” of how Victoria understands, manages and protects its coast line. It is your passion and dedication that inspires us all.