26 Jun 2018

VCC launches Climate Change publication

The Victorian Coastal Council has published a report about the likely future impacts of climate change on the state’s coastal and marine environments, and how we can meet these challenges.

In coming years, Victoria’s coastal regions will face changes in rainfall, wind and wave patterns, rising sea level, more extreme storms, and warmer and more acidic oceans. Climate change is likely to have considerable impacts on marine life, habitats, ecosystems, landforms and coastal culture as well as infrastructure. All have flow-on effects for our society and the economy.

The summary report aims to help the community and coastal managers understand how our coastline is likely to change and to stimulate important public discussions about how we can best prepare for these changes. This is accompanied by a full report that explores the likely impacts and identifies key knowledge gaps and research priorities that can inform coastal managers. 

Given the complexity embedded in how climate change affects our inter-linked coastal systems, the report highlights the importance of scientists, managers and the community collaborating to build our understanding of marine and coastal ecosystems.

The report is the culmination of a thorough review by a panel of scientific experts that supports the Council. Its release is one of the final actions of the Victorian Coastal Council before its responsibilities transition to the new Marine and Coastal Council later in 2018.

Victoria’s Coasts: Preparing for the future2.18 Mb

Victoria's Coast and Marine Environments under projected Climate Change - Impacts, Research Gaps and Priorities7.57 Mb