About Us

The Victorian Coastal Council (VCC) is appointed by the State Government of Victoria in accordance with the Coastal Management Act 1995.

Under the Act the Council has the following functions
  • Statewide strategic coastal planning
  • Prepare and submit to the Minister a draft Victorian Coastal Strategy.
  • Provide advice to the Minister.
  • Facilitate the operation of Regional Coastal Boards.
  • Monitor the development of Coastal Action Plans.
  • Coordinate the implementation of the Victorian Coastal Strategy and Coastal Action Plans.
  • Prepare and publish guidelines for the planning and management of the coast.
  • Liaise with and encourage the cooperation of Government departments, public authorities, municipal councils, industry, community groups and persons and bodies involved in the planning, management and use of the coast in furthering the objectives of the Act.
  • Provide opportunities for the public and interested groups to be informed of and involved in the work of the Council.Encourage the work of volunteers in using and conserving coastal resources.
  • Give consideration to the needs of Aborigines and other interested groups in relation to the coast.
  • The Victorian Coastal Council respectfully acknowledges the original custodians of what is now known as Victoria; their rich culture, deep affinity with the land and spiritual connection to it.