Science Panel

The Science Panel is the Victorian Coastal Council's scientific advisory group for coast and marine environments. The group comprises 30+ senior scientists representing a broad range of disciplines to provide a "whole-of-coast" perspective.

The Victorian Coastal Council is a statutory body advising the Minister for Environment and Climate Change on coastal issues in Victoria.  Council convenes a Science Panel to assist with this task by providing scientific input about Victoria’s coast. This action recognises the critical role that independent and credible scientific advice has in informing evidence-based policy and responds to the current absence of a scientific advisory body for the coast and marine environments with a “whole of coast” perspective.

Membership of the Science Panel consists of the Victorian Coastal Council science and Environment committee and external scientists. Panel members are involved as individual scientists, rather than institutional representatives, and several criteria are used in composing the Panel:

  • The scientific credibility and reputation of the individual;
  • The need to provide coverage of a broad range of disciplines related to coastal and marine science, such as marine and estuarine ecology, climate change processes, environmental chemistry, coastal and marine engineering, oceanography and geomorphology;
  • Recognition of system-wide linkages and the need for broad perspective, including catchment to coast;
  • Awareness of long-term and large scale environmental change.
  • A practical limitation is that most scientists are based in Victoria.

The result is a group of 30+ senior scientists based at academic institutions, within government agencies and in the private sector.



  Prof. Sam Adeloju   Chemistry   School of Applied Sciences and Engineering, Monash University
   Mr Chris Arnott   Catchments and fluvial geomorphology   Aither Pty Ltd
  Assoc. Prof John Arnould   Marine mammals   School of Life and Environmental Sciences, Deakin University
  Prof. Jon Barnett  Climate change and adaptation   University of Melbourne
  Prof. John Beardall   Climate, marine botany   Faculty of Science, Monash University
  Prof.  Ian Bishop   Remote sensing   Centre for Geographic Information Systems and Modelling, University of Melbourne
  Prof. Paul Boon   Saltmarsh ecosystems   Victoria University
  Prof. Rebekah Brown   Urban water management and environmental sociology   Monash Sustainability Institute
  Mr Gerry Byrne   Coastal engineering  
  Vantree Pty Ltd
  Dr Perran Cook   Geochemistry   Monash University
  Dr Peter Dann   Birds  
  Phillip Island Nature Parks
  Assoc. Prof Rob Day   Fisheries, particularly abalone   Department of Zoology, University of Melbourne
  Dr Tim Dempster   Aquaculture-environment interactions   Department of Zoology, University of Melbourne
  Prof. Peter Gell   Palaeoecology of coastal areas   School of Science, IT and Engineering, University of Ballarat
  Prof. Graeme Hayes   Biological oceanography   Deakin University
  Dr Jeremy Hindell   Estuarine biology   Arthur Rylah Institute, Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning
  Dr Daniel Ierodiaconou   Marine habitat mapping   Deakin University
  Dr Darren James   Coastal engineering   Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning
  Prof. Greg Jenkins   Marine ecology, fish   Department of Zoology, University of Melbourne
  Dr David Kennedy  Coastal geomorphology   Melbourne School of Land and Environment, University of Melbourne
  Prof. Michael Keough   Marine ecology  University of Melbourne
  Prof. Spas Kolev   Chemistry   School of Chemistry, University of Melbourne
  Dr Randall Lee   Oceanography   Centre for Environmental Sciences, Environment Protection Authority Victoria
  Dr Brett Light   Chemistry, microscopic algae, nutrient management   Environment Protection Authority Victoria
  Mr Andrew Longmore   Chemist, nutrient management   MAFRI, Department of Primary Industries
  Dr Peter Macreadie   Blue carbon and marine ecology   Deakin University
  Prof Dustin Marshall   Marine ecology and evolution   Monash University
  Dr Andrew McCowan   Oceanography   Water Technology Pty Ltd
  Dr Kathleen McInnes   Climate Impacts   Marine & Atmospheric Research, CSIRO
  Dr Mark Norman   Biodiversity   Sciences, Museum Victoria
  Prof. Dayanthi Nugedoda   Effects of pollutants   School of Applied Sciences, RMIT University
  Assoc. Prof. Vin Pettigrove     Catchment management and aquatic ecotoxicology   University of Melbourne
Dr David Provis Coastal Oceanography Cardno Pty Ltd
  Prof. Ian Rae   Environmental chemistry   Department of History & Philosophy of Science, University of Melbourne
  Mr Neville Rosengren   Coastal geomorphology   Dept of Civil Engineering & Physical Sciences, Latrobe University
  Assoc. Prof. Ian Rutherford   Catchment management and policy   University of Melbourne
  Dr John Sherwood   Chemistry, marine   School of Life and Environmental Sciences, Deakin University
  Assoc. Prof Stephen Swearer   Marine ecology and oceanography   Department of Zoology, University of Melbourne
  EW Prof. Diana  Walker   Marine botany; seagrass   Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, University of Western Australia
  Dr Mike Weston   Birds, shore birds   School of Life and Environmental Sciences, Deakin University

Recent Science Panel Publications