Title: 11. Rural Flat and Undulating with Features

Cliffs vary from high to low beyond which the land is flat and undulating with pasture and small to medium sized coastal towns. (eg. Clifton Springs, St. Leonards and Portarlington). The coastal cliffs, near Clifton Springs, are most unstable and slumping is apparent throughout the setting type.

Swan Bay and the surrounding Bellarine Hills form a major feature in this area. Swan Bay catchment is currently being planned in an integrated way to protect the environmental features/qualities of Swan Bay.

The area can be seen from the piers and beaches and by boat.

Special Considerations

  • This setting type is facing enormous development pressure resulting from the spread of the city of Geelong. As a consequence, the towns are increasingly growing into dormitory suburbs.
  • The siting of development near cliffs needs to be avoided, given their unstable nature. Development should be concentrated to negate visual clutter across the landscape.




Title: Land characteristics


Image: Land characteristics





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