Title: 12. Geelong

This setting type is characterised by the contrasting flat landscapes of the salt works, the industrial structures of Point Henry and the Geelong port area and city skyline.

The setting type covers Geelong City, Eastern Beach, Geelong North (highly industrialised) and Rippleside. Cultural influences are most significant where the construction of a multitude of structures has resulted in changes such as the extensive removal of natural vegetation, predominantly modified drainage patterns and major modifications to sediment movement through sea walls and groynes.

Major focal points are the city and harbour. The aluminium smelter at Point Henry creates a visual impact but mixes with the built form of the city and other port related structures to create an exciting landscape with dominant views to the harbour. Industrial development in North Geelong and Corio has had a significant impact on the landscape.

Major viewing points are from Limeburners Point at Eastern Park, the city and harbourside areas.

Special Considerations

  • Developments should relate to the scale and character of existing structures, this will be heavily influenced by the large number of structures located in the hinterland.
  • Establish visual harmony with existing structures in those locations where historic buildings exist.
  • In some areas appropriate landscape treatments are also necessary to reinforce historical themes.
  • Revegetation is required for erosion control in some areas.




Title: Land characteristics


Diagram: Land characteristics


Drawing: Geelong Foreshore



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