Title: 13. Rural Flatlands with Features

This area has an open wind swept character with windbreak plantations and isolated residential communities. There are occasional incised rivers such as Little River, Werribee River and Skeleton Creek, as well as dramatic industrial plants, particularly the oil refineries in Norlane and Altona. The setting type is generally flat and visually very open; development of any sort, therefore, stands out.

The setting type also includes salt works and major wetlands at the Werribee Sewerage Treatment Works. The structures at the Avalon Air Base provide a contrast to the flat fields.

Flinders Peak at the You Yangs provides a major landmark in the area.

Critical view points are from the You Yangs, Werribee River, Point Cook Metropolitan Park, the Esplanade and the pier at Altona.

Special Considerations

  • As this is a highly exposed flat landscape with low visual absorption it is critical to contain development and minimise development near the waters edge.
  • The highly vulnerable and globally acknowledged habitat areas require protection.
  • A range of hinterland areas (currently visually exposed) could be developed with appropriate landscape protection and enhancement.




Title: Land characteristics


Diagram: Landscape characteristics


Drawing: Werribee River and You Yangs



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