Title: 15. Urban/Suburban Flatlands and Low Cliffs

This area features low dunes to medium sized cliffs and a modified landscape, with remnant coastal vegetation including stands of Banksia integrifolia, Tea Trees and Allocasuarina. Beach Road viewing, from Brighton to Mentone is critical to the appreciation of the setting type. The viewing experience can be enhanced by improved planting patterns to create a sequence of interesting views. Whereas on one side of the road is ordered post war development, the other side mainly comprises scattered development with views to the coast, opening and closing continuously as a function of the location of coastal vegetation.

With the exception of Brighton, residential development is generally below the tree line and doesn�t dominate the coastal landscape. This is changing, however, as existing low scale homes give way to taller modern apartments and villas.

Major focal points are Green Point, the harbours at Brighton and Sandringham and the high cliffs at Black Rock, Red Bluff and Beaumaris Bay. Other viewpoints include views to Arthurs Seat and the CBD from Beach Road, promenades, paths, piers and car parks. This area is also seen extensively from the bay and beaches.

Special Considerations

  • Vegetation and landform means development can be absorbed beyond the coast proper and sometimes within the coastal environs.
  • As development and access pressure is likely to continue to grow, protection of these environs is critical.
  • Detailed viewshed studies are needed to ensure critical views to Arthurs Seat and the City are maintained and not blocked out by building and planting.



Title: Land characteristics


Image: Land characteristics


Drawing:  Melbourne from Brighton



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