Title: 16. Urban and  Suburban Flatlands

A large part of this area features low dunes, with extensive development occurring between the Nepean Highway and waters edge. There is only limited direct coastal exposure and views are at locations such as Patterson River, Mentone and Seaford. Within the Frankston and Seaford area, extensive Tea Tree and Banksia vegetation occurs. The overall landscape is uninspiring because of residential development close to the beach, minimal foreshore planting and the extensive straight and uninteresting nature of the shore line and Nepean Highway. Future development needs to answer these problems.

Major focal points in this area include the skyline of the City of Frankston and the high cliffs at Olivers Hill. Major viewing points include the piers, car parks and Nepean Highway at Olivers Hill, with views of Melbourne CBD and the You Yangs. This area is also extensively seen from the Bay and beaches.

Special Considerations

  • Avoid overshadowing of the beach with structures.
  • For car parks which visually dominate the beach, undertake landscape treatments or remove the car parks.
  • A beach walk and more visual and physical access to the beach is appropriate.
  • The creation of a better visual connection between Nepean Highway and Port Phillip is required.




Title: Land characteristics


Diagram: Land characteristics





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