Title: 17. Suburban Bushland Escarpment

This setting type is characterised by well vegetated cliffs with a variety of viewing experiences from land and water. The landscape is made up of heavily vegetated areas, with the concentration of residential development on the escarpment; there is a dense vegetation buffer at the waters edge. Highly erodable and unstable cliffs, subject to slumps, occur in some areas at Mount Eliza.

Major viewing points are from car parks, promenades, the pier at Mornington and occasional views from the Esplanade at Mount Martha. Major focal points in this area include the Mornington Harbour, Schnapper Point, formal gardens at Mornington Park and the hills of Mount Martha.

Special Considerations

  • Development tends to be visually exposed due to slope and elevation; road access is also limited.
  • This area is of important scenic quality and requires special landscape protection.
  • Development should be well set back from cliff edge or located at the cliff base, to reduce visual impacts.
  • There is a need for appropriate planning controls to protect the landscape values of this area.




Title: Land characteristics


Diagram: Landscape characteristics





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