Title: 18. Urban/Semi Urban Flatlands

Mainly low beach grading to low to medium coastal cliffs at Point Nepean. Between Safety Beach and Sorrento there is frequent visual access to the Bay, only limited by some structures and some dense coastal plantings (Tea Tree, Banksia etc). West of Sorrento, private residential land between the Main Road and the Bay restrict Bay views with the exceptions of the Portsea, Sorrento, Rye, Rosebud and Dromana Pier areas. Hinterland development, due in part to the terrain and vegetation, has limited visual impact on the coast. Some of this coast is overdeveloped, with high impact visually intrusive car parks and the well known caravan park areas at Rosebud. This landscape presents an opportunity for revitalisation.

Special Considerations

  • Nepean Highway and adjoining townships need to express a greater coastal character.
  • From the Melbourne side of this setting type, enhance the progression experience to the natural headland at Point Nepean and the Rip.
  • Careful siting and design of structures that influence coastal processes is necessary as the coastline is prone to erosion and sediment movements.
  • This area has high scenic quality and requires appropriate planning controls to protect this sensitive landscape.




Title: Land characteristics






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