Title: 2. The Three Capes

This dramatic far western area is characterised by high cliffs (higher than 18 metres) and wild seas. It is a zone of hard rock cliffs and rock platforms. The smeltering works intrude into the landscape close to Portland. It is, in the large part, a dramatic environment where industrial, wild coastal and more urban landscapes collide in an exciting way, with unstable semi-vegetated dunes on the west and stable, vegetated dunes on the eastern side. The eastern section of the setting type is visually dominated by the aluminium smelter plant west of Portland. Deep, leached sandy soils give rise to the low stringybark woodlands and heathlands. The area contains minimal settlement and is highlighted by the Cape Nelson lighthouse.

This area is highly visible from a number of critical view points including the lighthouse, Point Danger, Lawrence Rocks and Bridgewater Bay Beach area. The Great South West Walk passes through this area and offers unsurpassed views of the Southern Ocean and surrounding landscape.

The area is of outstanding scenic quality and requires special landscape protection.

Special Considerations

  • Cliff face landscapes are particularly sensitive to development.
  • Extractive industry is visually unattractive in its present form west of Portland, although remediation is possible.
  • Aboriginal middens need to be respected.
  • Holiday development is encroaching on the Bridgewater Bay area and requires landscape overlay controls to protect this significant scenic area.




Title: Land characteristics


Diagram: Land characteristics


Drawing: Discovery Bay meets Cape Bridgewater



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