Title: 20. Cape Schanck

This setting type is of high landscape significance and is characterised by high cliffs with rocky platforms and mainly extensive natural coastal vegetation. The setting type extends from the east of the Back Beach setting to just east of Flinders township. There is some pressure for residential and recreational uses (eg. golf). Some capacity for development in this landscape within vegetated and other visually protected areas exists.

A major focal point for this area is the Cape Schanck lighthouse. The area is also highly visible from the Frankston/Flinders Road.

Special Considerations

  • Where the landscape is cleared, extensive planting and grouping of development is needed to avoid visual clutter.
  • This area is of outstanding scenic quality and requires special landscape protection to ensure development does not impact on landscape values.




Title: Land characteristics


Daigram: Landscape characteristics


Drawing: Cape Schanck



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