Title: 22. Lower Cliffs

This setting type is characterised by low to medium coastal cliffs descending to either a mangrove coastal edge or salt marsh at Stony Point. From Flinders to Somers partly vegetated volcanic cliffs are interspersed with exotic plantings (e.g. Pinus radiata at Shoreham), low beaches and streams. East of Somers, this condition gives way to a descending sandy spit culminating at Stony Point. This element supports one of the State's most outstanding stands of Banksia integrifolia.

Major focal points include the rising land to Red Hill westwards and the linear planting of Pines or Cypress in the hinterland. Major viewing points include the pier at Flinders, beaches and water areas.

Special Considerations

  • Strong sense of landform needs to be protected given considerable development pressure and the ability of the coastal hinterland to support development.
  • Development should be contained within existing urban areas to protect this valuable and mainly natural coastline.




Title: Land characteristics


Diagram: Landscape charcteristics





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