Title: 23. Western Port Lowlands

This area is characterised by an open lower coastal plain with intertidal mud flats at the edge, salt marshes and mangroves from Sandy Point north to Quail Island and east to Stockyard Point, after which sand beaches occur interspersed with mud flats southwards including Grantville to Corinella and San Remo. Occasional rock platforms and mangroves occur at Corinella and the Bass River mouth, with a mixture of pasture, scattered woodland and residential uses beyond, although grazing occurs over much of the hinterland.

The north west area from Hastings to Tooradin is of high visual significance, because of the natural coastal vegetation, including mangroves, and its importance for wildlife conservation.

Prominent landscape features in the area include the port of Hastings with it's tank farms, and adjacent marina development at Hastings.

Special Considerations

  • Avoid removal of fringing vegetation, especially on the eastern side which is particularly vulnerable to erosion.
  • As many parts of the setting type are flat and wide open, development may adversely alter the existing character.
  • Any further industrial development should be set back from the shoreline.
  • Appropriate planning controls are required to protect the scenic integrity of this area.




Title: Land characteristics


Diagram: Landscape characteristics





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