Title: 26. Cape Paterson

This setting type consists of mainly medium to high cliff landscape interspersed with ponds and inlets including the Tarwin lowlands. Where not under pasture or residential use, this setting type features extensive native vegetation. There is considerable pressure for residential development and yet it is a landscape that can accommodate such uses in more suitable places and still maintain its intrinsic visual character at appropriate places.

Critical view points include the cliffs in the vicinity of Cape Paterson/Eagles Nest and from car parks and roads that occur throughout the setting type.

Special Considerations

  • Beyond the sensitive coastal edge, there are a range of opportunities for development. This is a setting type that faces considerable threat from development in the narrow coastal area.
  • This area is of high scenic quality and requires appropriate planning controls to protect this significant landscape.




Title: Land characteristics


Diagram: Landscape characteristics


Drawing: Cape Paterson



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