Title: 29. Wilsons Promontory

A coastal landscape recognised internationally, "The Prom" provides a dramatic statement as it dips sharply into Bass Strait. Its bold granite form creates a series of headlands, hidden valleys and sweeping white beaches. The setting type is extensively vegetated. Development is contained to a few settlements, a fact which helps reinforce the wilderness quality of this place.

The lighthouse forms a major focal point in the rugged landscape and is of historic significance. Many argue that Wilsons Promontory is Victoria's most visually exciting coastal landscape and that these values need to be protected at all costs.

Special Considerations

  • The majority of the setting type consists of Wilsons Promontory National Park and any development in the area must respond to and be sympathetic to the outstanding environmental and scenic values of the area.
  • The opportunity exists from the visual perspective to locate contained development into the hidden valley areas, although this may well be rejected by reference to other values. Elsewhere the landscape is so dramatic that any form of development should be avoided, as it will spoil the wilderness quality.
  • Areas adjacent to "The Prom" also require special landscape protection and appropriate planning controls to ensure development does not impact on landscape values.



Title: Land characteristics


Diagram: Landscape characteristics





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