Title: Portland Lower Coastal Plain

This is primarily a lower coastal plain (stable and well vegetated in the west and less so in the east) with a series of rivers at the back of dunes creating brackish and fresh water wetlands. Linear residential development associated with the more established towns (Portland and Port Fairy) has impacted on the quality of the coastal landscape. Major landscape features include Lady Julia Percy Island, the lighthouse and historic port at Port Fairy and the impact of the rock wall at Dutton Way.

Major viewing points include Portland Harbour, the seal colony at Lady Julia Percy Island, Port Fairy/Cape Reamur/Griffiths Island coastal areas, car parks, as well as Yambuk/Shaw River viewing of Lady Julia Percy Island. Lady Julia Percy Island and associated mainland is of particular Aboriginal cultural and heritage significance.

Note: Shoreline instability east of Portland.

Special Considerations

  • Remove or avoid development on the coastline edge - this is best set back from the frontal dune/coastline
  • Need to particularly concentrate development within established areas or where this is not possible, set new subdivision/development back from the coastline.
  • Basalt is traditionally and currently used as a building stone in this area - this should be encouraged in contemporary development.
  • Avoid any development of the primary dune.




Title: Land characteristics


Diagram: Land characteristics


Drawing: Portland



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