Title: 33. Coastal Plain and Estuaries

This area consists of unstable dunes which interface with the ocean and create extensive brackish and fresh water swamps abutting coastal bluffs. These coastal bluffs are low to moderately high and are made up of marine and non-marine material. The swamps are fed by a series of rivers and inlets, including Lake Tyers and a series of creeks and rivers - the more prominent being the Snowy and Bemm Rivers. Isolated headlands of primarily igneous origin, such as Cape Conran and Pearl Point, create a strong visual contrast to the surrounding sedimentary and aeolian landscape.

Development is confined to a few strategic locations such as Marlo and if the natural character of the setting type is to be maintained, these should be used to accommodate growth.

Indigenous vegetation is extensive in this setting type and disturbance should be minimised if future works are proposed.

Special Considerations

  • Avoid any development that directly fronts the coast.
  • This area is of outstanding scenic quality and requires special landscape protection to ensure development does not impact on landscape values.



Title: Land characteristics


Diagram: Landcsape characteristics





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