Title: 34. Croajingolong

The extreme contrast of hard rock (primarily granite at Point Hicks and Ram Head), large mobile dune systems and dense coastal vegetation creates a coastline of marked wilderness character. Development is limited to lighthouses and inlet settlements such as Mallacoota. Vegetation is generally open woodland throughout the setting type with extensive heathland and some closed temperate rainforest in gullies.

This area is characterised by a windswept and wild character. Features include: Gabo Island, Mallacoota Inlet and Point Hicks. The landscape in this area comprises sandy beaches and dunes often backed by interdunal depressions and punctuated by rocky headlands. As well, a number of inlets occur through this area such as at Tamboon and Wingan Inlets. Whilst there are some settlements in this zone, it is largely an unspoilt wilderness coastline of considerable beauty.

Special Considerations

  • Avoid any development on the coastal side of dunes and contain new works to inland inlets and rivers to ensure the coastline retains its rugged non-developed wilderness character.
  • This area is of outstanding scenic quality and requires special landscape protection to ensure that development does not impact on landscape values.



Title: Land characteristics


Diagram: Landscape characteristics


Drawing: Gabo Island



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