Title: Cape Otway

This setting type is characterised by sedimentary hills descending to the ocean often as cliffs and interspersed by beaches and small inlets, such as those at the Aire and Parker Rivers. As a consequence the setting type is complex with a number of sub setting types, including the Aire Valley and the high dune-capped coast above Station Beach surrounding the Cape Otway light station.

Green pasture, towering temperate rainforest, farm buildings and occasional holiday shacks and tracks mark an otherwise natural character, with the light station symbolising a strong maritime heritage with coastal wreckage, relics, graveyards frequently encountered. The cliff has a mainly forested vegetation cover and a "wild" character, especially along the shoreline proper.

Critical view points, apart from Great Ocean Road, include Horden Vale Road, Cape Otway, Blanket Bay and Parker River.

Special Considerations

  • This area is of outstanding scenic quality and requires special landscape protection to ensure development does not impact on landscape values.
  • To avoid destruction of these values any development should be limited and contained in hinterland valleys such as the Aire River.




Title: Land characteristics


Daigram: Land characteristics


Drawing: Cape Otway



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