Title: Great Ocean Road/Cape Patton

This setting type is characterised by revegetated sedimentary hills descending to the ocean as cliffs and interspersed by beaches and small inlets. This is Great Ocean Road territory - one of the most dramatic ocean drives in the world and also a focus for holiday resort development.

At Anglesea the coast comprises low coastline heath and woodland gently falling to the ocean shorelines as low to moderate elevated cliffs. This condition changes as one proceeds south west, the land becomes more elevated and the vegetation becomes dense rainforest. The effect of this is to increase the visual exposure of the land edge in the coastal condition and to produce the spectacular driving experience on the Great Ocean Road some describe as unequalled anywhere else in the world. Protection of its viewshed is essential to primary landscape values and to its burgeoning tourism industry.

This area contains the resort towns of Apollo Bay, Lorne and Anglesea. The foreshore areas associated with these nodes offer opportunity for improved recreational opportunities. A major threat to the integrity of this highly significant landscape is the continual encroachment of unsympathetic strip development spreading out from existing coastal settlements. The character of townships should be protected from unsympathetic development.

Critical view points include Marengo, Apollo Bay, Skenes Creek, Cape Patton, Kennett River, Wye River, Cathedral Rocks, Lorne, Cinema Point, Eastern View and Aireys Inlet to Point Roadnight.

Special Considerations

  • It is desirable to enhance this coastal landscape. It is important to address problems of linear development and inappropriate development, some of which can be seen within the coastal townships.
  • Concentrate any development at existing nodes.
  • Appropriate planning controls are required to protect this significant landscape asset.




Title: Land characteristics


Diagram: Landscape characteristics


Drawing: Point Roadnight



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